neurodiversity celebration week 2020 events

Saturday - March 14

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Monday - March 16

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Neurodiversity Youth Summit
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MARCH 16 - 20

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week on March 16 - 20 we are staging a Blogaton on our forum - a chain of simple straightforward accounts of neurodiverse experience from neurodivergent people and neurotypical allies. It could be a proper blog post or just a couple of paragraphs about your experience and thoughts.

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Tuesday - March 17

We would be delighted if you would join us for Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2020. 

The evening will be opened by Siena Castellon, founder of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, followed by a series of micro talks from the following NDs (in no particular order):

• Ellen Jones - Campaigner, Writer & Speaker 


• Alex Loveless - Lead Data Scientist and Artist 


• Neli Urruela - Production Edit Assistant at unrd 


• Piers Roberts - Creative Entrepreneur 


• Alice Cappo - UX Lead at Phantom


• Dr Helen Taylor - Researcher, Affiliated with the University of Cambridge 


• Ben Bleet - Content Lead and Associate Director at MediaCom 


• Chrissy Levett - Creative Director Founder/CEO Creative Conscience 


• Nathaniel Hawley - Leader at Exceptional Individuals 


• Dr Nancy Doyle - CEO of Genius Within 


• Priscilla Eyles - Disability Job Coach and Founder of ADHD & Podcast 


• Adam Corre - Teacher and Neurodiversity Speaker 


• Sunshine Jackson Underhill - Executive Producer for TV for UK and US 


• Helen Needham - Consultant Programme Manager, Capco 


• Georgia Harper - Policy Officer at Autistica 


• Tumi Sotire - Founder The Black Dyspraxic and research assistance at Newcastle University


• Amy Walker - Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator at GroupM UK 


• Sara Rankin - Professor at Imperial College and Director of 2eMPOwerUK 


• Maxine Frances Roper- Freelance Copywriter 


• Steven Lacey - Founder of 'The Outsiders' and cultural strategist  


• Tyla Grant - Founder of Adulting Autistic 


• Jim Rokos - Industrial designer & Dyslexic Design Co-founder 


• Abi Silvester - Copy, Content and Community Management


• Priti Depala - Graphic Designer, based in London.


• Pete Guest - Editor of Dyspraxia & Life Magazine 


• Lennie Varvarides - Creative Producer at DYSPLA 


• Zeinab Ali - Digital Marketing and Membership Administrator

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Wednesday - March 18

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Thursday - March 19

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Friday - March 20

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The Awards evening is about celebrating the achievements of neurodiverse individuals and the strides being made in inclusion and research.

This event is a not for profit, and this year we are raising money for our chosen charity the PDA society.

6pm - welcome drinks and canapes

7pm - Award Ceremony

9pm - Event closes

We are delighted to announce that Microsoft will be hosting the event at their offices in Paddington.

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Sunday - March 21

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 March 16 - 27

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