What are the rules? 


All entrants must be within the age categories below:


Category          England & Wales            Northern Ireland              Scotland      

Early years           Nursery/Reception                 Nursery/P1                               Nursery/P1

Infant                    Year 1 – Year 3                        P2 – P4                                      P2 – P4

Junior                   Year 4 – Year 6                        P5 – P7                                      P5 – P7

Senior                   Year 7 – Year 9                       Year 8 – Year 10                        S1 – S3



Entries are welcome from youth groups and other organisations in addition to schools. If you are a parent, you are also welcome to enter your child directly. Please ensure you include the full name of the person entering the student if you are not from an organisation. This way I can find your full contact details from the entrance form you fill out.


Key rules


•          Entrants can be teams or individuals


                        -                       teams will be judged in the age category of its oldest member


                        -                       any prize awarded will be split across the team.


•          Each school/youth group can enter a maximum of five entries. You are encouraged to run the competition with larger

            groups, but to select the top five to enter from your school. If you send more than five entries I will only be able to

            include the first five in the competition. You can award further prizes within your school level competition if you wish.


•          Entries must be 2D and submitted on one side of A4 or A3 paper only.


•          Work must be original and created by the student(s) – please do not use any templates.


•          Posters must include the following information (entrant details can be on the back of the poster):


                        -                       entrant first name (all names if a team) and entrant age (all ages if a team)


                        -                       age category (of the oldest team member)


                        -                       school/youth group name and address


•          Please note, the data submitted will be used for the administration of the competition. First names, ages and schools             of students may also be shared on my website and social media pages – if you do not want this data to be shared                   online you should make this explicitly clear on the back of the entry, and I will only share school name.


How to enter?


1.         Once your students have completed their posters, please select the top 5 and send  these in the post to: 


                                                          Siena Castellon

                                                Suite #533

                                                28 Old Brompton Road

                                                London, SW7 3SS


             Remember to include the student's first name, age category and school name.


2.         Complete the short form available on:




3.         Closing date for 2020 entries: Friday 14 February 2020 at 6pm


                        I cannot accept entries received after the closing date so please ensure they are                          

                        posted in good time direct to me at the address above.


                        Please note that I cannot return any posters due to the number of entries I may 

                        receive. If you want to keep your poster please post a photo and keep the hard copy.



What are the prizes?


The prizes for each category are as follows:


                                    •            Early Years category: £35 Lego voucher.


                                    •            Infant category: £50 Lego voucher.


                                    •            Junior category: £75 Lego voucher.


                                    •            Senior category: £100 Lego voucher.


Winning posters will also be featured on the Neurodiversity Celebration Week website, on social media and will be displayed in the London office of MediaCom. Prizes will be mailed out along with a certificate



How will entries be judged?


Posters will be judged on the following criteria:


                                    •          Creativity in designing a poster that celebrates neurodiversity (acknowledges the 

                                                strengths and talents of people who are autistic, dyslexic or dyspraxic, have ADHD 

                                                or another neurological difference).


                                    •          Effectively communicating the importance of being tolerant, understanding and 

                                                accepting of people who think differently and who perceive the world differently.