My name is Siena Castellon. I am a 17 year old nationally-recognised neurodiversity advocate. I am autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic. I also have ADHD.

When I was thirteen, I created a website - - to support young people with learning differences and autistic young people. When searching for information about my conditions,

I found that all the existing websites were focused on providing information and resources for parents. So I decided to create a website designed for young people like me. My website aims to empower neurodiverse youth by providing practical information and useful resources to help them to succeed in school.

As a student with several learning differences, I know that there is still a stigma associated with having special educational needs and that there are still many misconceptions about what it means to have a learning difference. I want to change this.


I want to flip the narrative so that instead of perceiving learning differences as something negative, we focus on the many strengths and advantages that come from seeing and perceiving the world differently.